Saturday, September 24, 2016

Blog Elul Day 21: Love

The New Moon
--Ruth Brin

If God were the sun, then Israel might be
the moon,
her face reflecting His eternal light.

Yes, Israel is like the moon, the moon
who waxes and wanes,
grows old, and then renews herself,
yet never leaves the skies.

Faithfully, she reappears to walk the night,
glimmering, silver, in the darkened sky.

Faithfully, she spreads her pale and ghostly light
on every room and tree and blade of grass

Until the whole world turns to silver,
transformed from darkness to shimmering beauty.

Yes, Israel, be like the moon,
renew your faith each generation.

Even when the earth casts its shadow of
faithfully reflect the light of God;

Pour over the whole world
the moonlight beauty of holiness.

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