Sunday, January 22, 2012

L'Taken Day 2

Shavua Tov! Below you'll find my students' summary of yesterday's events.

One of the things they didn't mention is the added significance of the date of this retreat. Today is the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, which means tomorrow is the Right To Live rally for the Pro-Life (or Anti-Abortion) movement. So moving in parallel with us are a couple of church youth groups and a Catholic high school, which literally was going to the same places we were, and are staying  at the same hotel. Amazing to think about the implications of that shared/parallel experience...

Hoping to post another summary tomorrow, followed by the kids' speeches for the congregational delegation. In the meantime, go PATS!

Day 2
We awoke to a breakfast as an entire L'Taken congregation, then enjoyed a Saturday morning service. Following the service, the congregation divided into two groups to simulate a lobbyist experience in which one group supported a ban on live ammunition being available to the public, while the other opposed the ban. Each side had to persuade a group of three senators to vote for their group. Afterwords, we boarded buses and traveled to the Holocaust Museum, then to the MLK Memorial, and finally to Georgetown for a fabulous dinner at il Canali. I had the pizza special, a delicious assortment of meatballs and lasagna on top of a thin-slice crust. Then we went to the Jefferson memorial and had havdalah. next we traveled back to the hotel for the shuk programs. We both took a lecture on poverty and how to deal with the recession in this country. After that we had a social end to the day in the lobby and headed off to bed. 

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