Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clemency for Robert Gattis! (Almost)

From Bruce Gilette at Limestone Presbyterian:

Dear Friends, The News Journal’s Sunday afternoon online news is “In a historic 4-1 decision, the Delaware Board of Pardons today announced it was recommending that the death sentence for convicted killer Robert Gattis be commuted to life in prison, according to his attorneys.Gattis, 49, is scheduled to die by lethal injection early Friday morning.  It will now be up to Gov. Jack Markell to decide whether he will accept the board’s recommendation – and spare Gattis’ life – or whether he will allow the execution to go forward.”
See below for the official statement from the Pardons Board.Thank you for all of your prayers, your phone calls and notes to the Pardons Board and your encouraging other clergy and church members to join in the appeals for clemency.
Together we have made history for never before has the Pardons Board recommended clemency for someone facing execution in Delaware.
Thank you for your faithful witness that has made a real difference.Our work is not yet done.  We still need the Governor Markell to accept the Board’s recommendation to commute Robert Gattis' sentence to life in prison without parole.
Please pray for our Governor to be merciful and grant clemency.Please contact the Governor Markell and urge him to accept the Pardon Board’s recommendation (email or phone):
If you see the Governor at the Martin Luther King, Jr.’s celebrations tomorrow, please remind him of Dr. King’s teachings on the death penalty (below).Please send a thank you note to the Pardons Board: you again for all that you are doing to save a life and making a more merciful and just Delaware .
Blessings on you and your ministry

If you're so moved, please email the Pardons board to thank them, and please write to the Governor to encourage him to accept the recommendations!

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