Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last Days of L'taken

On Sunday, we began with a simulation of Israel's Knesset in the Israel-Palestine peace process. Afterwords, we attended a seminar on how to achieve a nuclear weapons-free world. After lunch, we learned how to effectively lobby a congressman and be a strong advocate for a cause. Then we left the hotel for the Smithsonian Museums on the Mall where we visited the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. We then had dinner in Pentagon Row where we saw the infamous Billy Cundiff put all of Baltimore into misery. Upon returning to the hotel, it was time to write our lobby speeches. We chose to advocate for bills regarding campaign finance reform (inspired by Steven Colbert) and climate change. After a grueling writing process, we finally closed the laptop and got some sleep.
On the last day, we nervously made our way up to a fancy room and ate breakfast, dressed in our suits and ties. We said some goodbyes, got in the car, and headed off to Capitol hill. We visited Senator Carper's office, Senator Coons' office, and Representative John Carney's office. We lobbied on the subjects of environmental bills and campaign finance reform. Luckily, our [Congressman's and Senator's] staffs all agreed with our views, making our day very easy. We then traveled to see Senator Carper before we left among a frenzy of "right to life" protesters. It was a hectic day, and we had to say goodbye to some nice new friends, but it was worth it. 

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