Thursday, December 30, 2010

Katzav and Justice Served

Moshe Katzav's conviction finally came through today. Did it bring Israel and Judaism to a new low? In many ways, yes; the President of Israel is supposed to be the Head of State, the best of Israeli society, the symbolic exemplar for the Jewish state (and one could argue, by extension, the Jewish people); Albert Einstein was asked to serve, at one point. Instead, we had a monster, a bizarro-like mirror image of Zionism thrust into our face.

On the other hand, Justice prevailed--even when the institutions of democracy are stressed to the max, and the distractions of hostile neighbors and the all-consuming matzav threaten to sink our little brave country into oblivion--tzedek, not power, won the day. "Happy are they that keep justice, that do righteousness at all times" (Psalms CVI, 3). Katzav made me sad; Israel and her judiciary made me proud.

Prosecution likely to seek ‘severe’ sentence for ex-president, jurists say - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

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