Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th

It's been 8 years since September 11th, and it's still not a normal day. It's become an unofficial memorial day of sorts, but there's no name for it, save the date. While many of us go on with our day 'ka-ragil' (as normal), plenty of us are reflecting today on the lives lost in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC, as well as those that have been lost in the long struggle against extremism since then, those lost in just cause and unjust cause.

Today isn't a day for politics, but reflection, so I'll point you two the Reform Movement's page recalling that day nearly 3000 days ago, nearly 1 day for each life lost (as President Obama said).

And while we're talking, here's the President at the memorial at the Pentagon today.

Zichronam livracha: may their memories continue as a blessing for us all.

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