Sunday, September 6, 2009

MASA Interfaith update

Just got this email from my friend Dr. E. Dankner, who's very active (and has been for YEARS) at ARZA, as well as other committees and boards in the Reform Movement:

Not twenty four hours have passed since I sent my e-mail to you all. Somehow my e-mails to you and ARZA Leadership [and those from others more important than I am] got to Alan Hoffman in the Soch'nut, the Jewish Agency, and I have received a personal letter from them. If you go to the MASA website now, the offensive streaming ad and the video are gone so, if you haven't already seen them, you thankfully no longer can.

It is hard to believe that I have spent most of this great weekend attached to a computer and on the phone, but it was worth it.

I guess that "Yes, we can" covers lots of situations.

Here's her previous email as well:

Do you know what MASA is? Their website states: " MASA enables young Jews from all over the world to spend a semester to a year in Israel on any of over 160 programs. " Now look at the streaming picture near the top on this web site. It is MASA's latest very aggressive ad campaign targeting "Jews "abducted' by intermarriage." It shows these people as though they are missing-like putting our missing children posters on milk cartons. "As part of the campaign, similar ‘missing person’ notices will be plastered on walls around the country." The web site on which I originally saw this article is:

Special issue: New MASA Israel ad campaign targets Jews 'abducted' by intermarriage.

In the article the following is buried:

"MASA is a project of the government of Israel, the Jewish Agency of Israel, and made possible through the generous support of the United Jewish Communities, the Federations of North America, and Keren Hayesod - UIA."

This means that your donations through organizations that fund the Jewish Agency for Israel, JAFI, support this campaign. I am outraged at what I perceive as a new attack on Reform and Conservative Judaism (as well as the other streams), not to mention you or your children.

Please read the articles. They are short. If you are outraged as I am after you read them, I urge you to respond to Alan Hoffman at "Hoffmann,Alan" <>.

And looking at Ha'aretz yesterday, it looks like they've dropped the campaign.

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