Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#BlogElul Day 20: Judge

Rabbi Wolf's wife had a quarrel with her servant. She accused the girl of having broken a dish and wanted her to pay for the damage. The girl, on the other hand, denied having done what she was accused of, and refused to replace the article. The quarrel become more and more heated. Finally the wife of Rabbi Wolf decided to refer the matter to the court of arbitration of the Torah, and quickly dressed for a visit to the rav of the town. When Rabbi Wolf saw this, he too put on his sabbath clothes. When his wife asked him why, he told her that he was intended on accompanying her. She objected to this on the grounds that this was not fitting for him, and that besides, she knew very well what to say to the court. "You know it very well," the zaddik replied. "But the poor orphan, your servant, in whose behalf I am coming, does not know it, and who except me is there to defend her cause?"
-From Martin Buber's Tales of The Hasidim

Who is your advocate? 
Who do you advocate for? 

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