Monday, February 7, 2011

What should I read next?

Kind a prosaic topic for this blog (and I promise, dear reader, that I'll get to more meat-and-potato-kugel soon), but after last week, in which I discovered that sewer repair is an all-consuming thing, I'm up for something a little more gentle on my soul.

So. I've read eight (8) books since I picked up the Kindle (Dec. 29th), which means I've read more these last weeks than I did all last year (at least in book form). I've been trying to do a nice mix of fiction and non-fiction, classics and contemporary works. they are:

1. The Sabbath World (reviewed a week or two ago)
2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
3. Inventing Jewish Ritual (review coming soon)
4. Civil Disobedience
5. Super Sad True Love Story
6. Early Modern Jewry (Review coming soon)
7. How to Live Safely in a Science Ficitonal Universe
8. The Count of Monte Cristo (which I just finished)

What do you think I should go for next? I have the Man in the Iron Mask in my que, but I'm thinking that might be too much Dumas at once for my health. I'm thinking non-fiction this time (I find it cheerier, strangely, than fiction). What are your suggestions (Jewish and non)?


  1. Have you read The Devil in the White City? That's always on top of my recommendation lists...

  2. I loved The Housekeeper and the Professor by Ogawa. And Michael loved that new book Unbroken, which I haven't read yet...which fits your request for non-fiction. (I missed that when I started typing the other book, but it's really good.)

  3. I'll add those recommendations to the que. I'm looking for fiction as well, so that's great.

    Many thanks!