Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh what a day!

The good: Mini-Mitzvah day/Pajama Day a wonderful success! Got a person back into the synagogue! Raised some money to help with the Carmel fire. Got to put my son down for his nap. Getting to watch (hopefully) some football.

Not so good: the sewer line that needed clearing as it was pumping stuff into our basement.

All better now; Horizon cleared the line (yay!) and the water's draining out thanks to the sump pump, and we're just waiting for the cleanup crew. But oy!

On a more relevant note, this article on NPR on the two political parties integrating the seating up between them rather than sticking to one side or the other makes me happy. I know there's no 'content' to that, and it's purely symbolic, but symbols have power, and if it can help create a more collegial atmosphere, I'm all for that.

Hope to post a couple of book reviews later this week. We'll see if the basement gives me permission...

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