Thursday, March 27, 2014

Suicides in Our Community

I know many of us are mourning the loss of Beverly Shapiro, a student at Concord High School who passed over the weekend and is being laid to rest today.  And, I know many of us are just learning about the loss of Emily Spiegel, our former student and confirmand, who also took her life this week, and are feeling that loss terribly.

The Rabbis teach that if someone ends a life, it is as if that person has ended the whole world. Sadly, Bev & Emily ended their worlds. We cannot imagine the pain they felt in their life, nor the bottomless sorrow their families are enduring at this moment. But we can be show our support to them, as well as their friends and companions, and find comfort in each other.

We will be offering a special prayer and meditation on suicide at our Friday Shabbat Services.

If you are so moved, I invite you to join us Friday or Saturday to rise and say Kaddish for Bev, or Sunday in T’fillah. Cantor Stanton, Rabbi Grumbacher and I are available if anyone needs someone to talk to. And if you just need a quiet place, the building is open every weekday until five (later most days), and you are welcome to come to our memorial alcove or sanctuary for solace.

May Bev’s  & Emily’s memory be a blessing and may we support one another. 

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