Thursday, December 26, 2013

Va'era: Show us a Sign

The Eternal said to Moses and Aaron: “when Pharaoh speaks to you and says, ‘produce your marvel…’”-Ex. 7:8

It seems like some folks always want proof.
Always want a sign
of your love
and devotion
and protection
and existence.

Even now, in this room, in this service
We’re waiting to hear You.
We’re waiting for a marvel, a portent, a wonder

A sign.

We’re waiting with breath baited and held--
And so we miss the signs, we miss the marvels:

The hand of a friend or stranger
Held out in support,

The kindest word expressed at just the right moment
When the spirit is crushed
The heart broken.

That brief exchange that means all the difference.

We keep asking for a sign, for a marvel
for your name

But the signs are all around us,
We are the signs
If we but open our hearts to each other
And you.

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