Friday, June 15, 2012

Refuah Sheleimah

Phyllis and Michael were among the first of my classmates in Rabbinic school to get married (excluding such wonderful folks as the Katz and Linder families, who came celebrating anniversaries already). They were the first in our class to bring new life into the world, their son David, in the fall of our fourth year. We spent our downtime in CPE talking about how she wanted to fill a minivan with children. So it was natural that she and Michael, now serving congregations in Chicago and among the rising stars of our movement, would have four children, two minivans, and the kind of joyous, chaotic household that seem to only appear on television.

So it was with the most profound sadness that they announced that their second child, Sam (age 6) was diagnosed with leukemia. As a parent, as a colleague, as a friend, it sends my head spinning and makes me sick to my stomach, so I can't imagine how their world has turned inside out.

They're blogging their experience (Phyllis has always been very social media and technology oriented) so that people know how to support them. The blog can be found at In the meantime, please offer prayers of healing for Shmuel Asher ben (HaRav) Pesach Esther.

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