Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thinking about the HiHos

So, here's a question that is TOTALLY not meant to be confrontational nor judgmental, but I want to explore this idea at RH and perhaps you could help me:

1. Are you going to High Holiday services this year
2. if so, why?
3. what are your hopes and expectations? What are you least expecting to happen?
4. what is your favorite (or most meaningful) aspect? Least meaningful?

Yes, I'm thinking about writing a high holidays sermon about why people come to the high holidays. My tautology is tautological. However, there is method to my madness, IF I can write it in a way that is challenging without being just insulting.

So, please answer! It'll be a big help! THANK YOU!

(this is expanded from my post to LinkedIn and Facebook, so if you answered there, thanks! Feel free to repost but no worries if you don't!)

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