Friday, August 19, 2011

A Special Place in Hell-Israel News - Haaretz Israeli News source.

There is no such thing as moral equivalency when a sovereign nation seeks to defend itself against terrorist attacks. This is not about who is stronger or weaker, nor is it a fight between two equals targeting each others' military capabilities: this is about one side's willingness to kill civilians and another side's desire for security. HOWEVER, hatred of one's attackers (and responding appropriately) does not justify hatred of an entire people.

A Special Place in Hell-Israel News - Haaretz Israeli News source.:

Here's one reason: You can bet that terrible things are about to happen, with Gaza being the imminent target of Israeli retaliation. The next step will be a ritual bifurcation of sympathy, either exclusively for Israeli victims of the Thursday attacks, or exclusively for the Gazans to follow.

There will even be scorn for those who suggest that innocent victims are innocent victims no matter who they are – an observation which will quickly be written off by some (at the bottom of this article) as mendacious moral equivalence, or willful ignorance of the obvious malice and evildoing of one side – take your pick – toward the other...

It seems to me that people who justly fight racism have a responsibility not to practice it. It is all too natural a matter, especially in this part of the world, for anger over hated policies to boil over into racism against an entire people.

We've seen what that does. We've seen what that enables. We're about to see it again. By the time these words see print, more innocent people are going to die. They are not the enemy, faceless, merciless, heartless and monstrous.

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